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Copyright 2002
Ganden Dheling Buddhist Temple, Inc.

Homage to the Lama and the Protector, Venerable Manjushri;

Who holds a scripture (of the Perfection of Wisdom) at his heart because he sees all objects as they are;

With his pure and clear intelligence free of the two obstructions like the sun free from clouds;

Who teaches with sixty types of melodies all the collections of migrators,

Confused by the darkness of ignorance and tormented by suffering in the prison of existence;

With the love of a father for his only child;

Whose great dragon-like proclamation of Dharma wakes them from the sleep of the afflictions;

And frees them from the shackles of karma;

Who holds a sword which clears away the darkness of ignorance and cuts every sprout of suffering;

Who is pure from the beginning and has gone to the end of the ten grounds;

Whose physical qualities are complete and who is the chief of the Conqueror's sons;

Whose body is adorned with the one hundred and twelve ornaments of a Buddha;

I bow down to MANJUSHRI.

In order to eliminate the darkness from my mind;

OM A RA BA TSA NA DHI (7x, 21x, 108x or more)

O kind one, having cleared away the darkness of obscurations from my mind;

With the brilliance of your exhalted wisdom;

I beseech you to bestow the illumination of intelligence and wisdom;

Which realize the meaning of Buddha's words and the treatises Which explain them.

By this virtue, may I quickly
Obtain the level of ARYA MANJUSHRI,
And may all sentient beings without exception
Be brought to this very place!