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Long Life Prayer

for His Holiness the IX Khalkha Jetsun Dampa


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The transcendent wisdom of all Infinite Conquerors, Arisen in beautiful smiling form with seven eyes, major marks and minor signs, Supreme deity, White Tara, the Wisdom Wheel, we beseech you;

Please grant siddhi of immortal life, stable and immutable! We beseech your successive incarnations which, like the sun, Cause the lotus garden of Buddha's teachings to flourish, Induced by force of your sun-like bodhicitta vows Made in previous times before countless Buddhas.

We especially beseech Jampel Namdrol Chokyi Gyeltsen, Of supreme mind, freed of delusion's turbulence, Endowed with glorious smoothness of bodhicitta, Liberating beings and guiding them to Dharma's mansion!

Protector, may you remain hundreds of aeons, Ever immutable on the Dharma throne, Enrobed in affection, masterful, noble and kind-hearted, Holding the crest-enjewelled victory banner!

May activities of the devas and Dharma communities Conquer evil opponents' and the asuras' Harmful intentions and actions without exception With their vajra sceptor of magical power! Supreme Guide rising with thousand-fold light of compassion To open kunda flower gardens of Buddha's teachings everywhere;

Through perfect view, renunciation, and bodhicitta's honey, May all bee-like sentient beings be satiated!

Through power of truth; the blessings of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, And non-contradictory nature of unfailing emptiness and dependent arising,

May the purpose of all these prayers thus made, Be effortlessly and spontaneously accomplished!

By Ngawang Pelden Gyeltsen.
Translated from the Tibetan by David Molk, September 1998.