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A Prayer to the Compassionate Protector Mahakala!!


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(Gonpo Chag Drungpa: 6 Armed Mahakala)

O Mahakala, embodiment of the compassion Of the Buddhas of the ten directions (1) Who, in order to bring into training The beings of this degenerate age who are Most difficult to train, Manifest a dance of wrathful emanations With skillful means that pacify trainees: Mahalcala, who is one in nature with all Buddhas!

O Mahakala, who, freed from the chains Of the obscurations to freedom and omniscience, Dwells in the total purity of knowledge Inexpressible and vast as the sky, A fountainhead of wisdom of the 84,000 doctrines: Mahakala, who is one in nature with all Dharmas!

O Mahakala, father of the Buddhas Of countless world systems, Son who sits chief amongst The bo&attva heroes of the ten stages, An elder amongst the exalted assembly Of Sravaka Arhants and Pratyekabuddhas: Mahakala, who is one in nature with all Sanghas!

O Mahakala, who, in order to subdue The forces of evil, emanates dancing forms Of wrathful deities that release a rain Of attainments both mystical and supreme, A veritable shower of the two siddhis: Mahakala, who is one in nature with all gurus, Present and lineage!

O Mahakala, at one nature with the holy gurus, Roots of all spiritual progress, And one with the inexpressible Dharmadhatu knowledge, With skillful means you emanate wrathful methods To annihilate the forces of negativity: Mahakala, who is one in nature with one's own Spiritual master and protector!

Chief protector of the teachings of the Enlightened Ones,

O Mahakala, source of boundless strength Able to turn back the army of evil forces!

O Mahakala, the Instant Achiever, embodiment of Avalokiteshvara, the mighty Bodhisattva of Compassion, A mere thought of whom eliminates in this life Every condition opposing spiritual progress, In the bar-do gives freedom from all fear And thereafter guides one to the Pure Land of Vajra Yogini: Mahakala, embodiment of every source of Spiritual refuge!

Mighty Protector of the holy Dharma, I make this request to you. Reveal your mystical activities To protect Buddhism and all its lineage holders. Especially, in this age of darkness, Send your protecting blessings to the sublime Fusion lineage (2) of Lama Tsong-kha-pa, That its Doctrines, Doctrine Holders, Sangha, Yogis, teachers, trainees, lay followers And Dharma centers for study and practice May not be destroyed by the forces of night.

O Mahakala, until all practitioners attain full enlightenment, Continue to release your illuminating activity That spontaneously and effortlessly fulfills Every spiritual aspiration, Eliminates all outer and inner obstacles to practice And crushes every negative force obstructing progress Along the paths to higher being, liberation, and Omniscient knowledge.


This brief prayer to the Wisdom Protector Mahakala, the wrathful emanation of Arya Avalokiteshvara, was written by Gyal-wa Gen-dun Gya-tso while (he was) resi&g at Cho-khor-gyal. May it cause all living beings to be blessed by the force of goodness.

(1) There are two types of Buddhist protector divinities: samsaric and those that are beyond samsara. The former are worldly spirits that have been bound to religion by means of occult ritual, the latter category, to which Mahakala belongs, are emanations of the Bud& manifested for the benefit of living beings.

(2) The Ge-luk is called a "fusion lineage" because it is a combination of all earlier lineages existing in Tibet.