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Padkar Hothogthu Rinpoche's Recognition Letter


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Padkar Hothogthu Rinpoche's Recognition Letter

In April of 1998 Bruce was recognized as the Padkar Hothogthu Rinpoche, the incarnation of one of the Hothogthus or high Lamas from Inner Mongolia. His recognition was made by Gajang Geshe Nima Gyaltqan Rinpoche, one of the high Lamas from Ganden Jangtse monastery in India.

Translation of Bruce Wilson/Thubtan Nyingje's Recognition Letter:

Recognition letter's Letterhead:
Geshe Nima's Seal: Then: Gajang Gowo Geshe Nima Gyaltsen Rinpoche
27 March 1999
  • The person who lives in Indiana, USA, (Tibetan Name) Thubtan Nyingje, (American Name) Bruce Wilson, has many imprints and visions of his previous life at PADMA KAR Monastery, in Ulan Chab, Inner Mongolia as the KANJURWA HOTHOGTHU.

  • He made a request through Tenzin Wangchuk the Manager at Zong Lhabrang, to inquire if he is the reincarnation of this KANJURWA HOTHOGTHU?

  • I, Geshe Nyima, with strong prayers consulted the Three Jewels. It is positive that he is the reincarnation of the KANJURWA HOTHOGTHU!

  • South India, Mundgod, Geshe Nima

Stamped with Geshe Nima's Official Seal

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