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Refuge and Bodhicitta

I take refuge in the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha,
Until I obtain Enlightenment,
By my merit accumulations from practicing generosity, etc.
May I obtain Enlightenment, for the benefit of all sentient beings. (3x)

Four Immeasurables

May all sentient beings have happiness and its cause!
May all sentient beings be free of suffering and its cause!
May all sentient beings be inseparable from sorrowless bliss!
May all sentient beings abide in equanimity, free of bias, both greed and hatred!

The Seven Branches/Limbs:

I prostrate with body, speech and mind having intelligent Faith;
All offerings I make to you including those really performed And those mentally created;
I confess every sin I've collected from the beginninglessness of Samsaric life;
I rejoice in all ordinary beings' and Arya beings' actions;
Please Buddha, remain as our Guide until samsara ends;
Please Buddha, reveal the teachings to all mother sentient beings;
I dedicate my own virtues and those of others to the Great Enlightenment.

Mandala Offering

The universal ground purified with scent and flower spread,
Becomes the pure realm of the Divine-wisdom view.
Magnificent Mount Meru is beautifully adorned by continents Sun and Moon.
May all Mother sentient beings enjoy this pure land!

My rising objects of carnal desire, hatred and ignorance,
Enemy, friend and stranger, my body and all possessioins,
These I offer without attachment for your enjoyment,
Please bless me and all sentient beings, to be released from the three poisonous minds!


Preliminary Prayer from Vinaya Sutra

To the Bhagavan Tathagata Arhat Samyaksam
Buddha endowed with wisdom and merit, Gone To Bliss,
Knower of the World, the Unsurpassed Steersman taming beings,
Teacher of humans and gods, Bhagavan Buddha, Glorious
Conqueror Shakyamuni I prostrate, offer and go for Refuge! (3x)

When you, Chief on Two Legs, were born,
Taking seven strides on this great earth,
You said, I am supreme in this world,
And then, to You, the wise paid homage!

Endowed with pure Body, Form supremely excellent,
Ocean of wisdom, like a golden Mount Sumeru,
Renown outstanding in these three realms,
Supremely Realized Protector, Homage to You!

Endowed with supreme signs, stainless moon of a face,
Like gold in color, Homage to You!
Unsullied, there are none like You in these three realms.
One of Peerless Wisdom, Homage to You!

Greatly Compassionate Protectors,
Omniscient Teachers,
A merit field of oceanic qualities,
Homage to the Tathagatas!

From Clinging parted through purity,
From lower realms freed through purity,
The single supreme ultimate object,
I prostrate to Dharma, which is peace!

Freed, yet showing the liberating path,
Fully abiding in pure trainings,
Best of fields, endowed with qualities,
I prostrate to the Sangha as well!

Commit not one unwholesome action, and
Perfectly engage in virtuous action.
Fully subdue one's own mind;
This is Buddha's teaching!

Stars, blurry vision, butter lamps,
Illusion, dew, bubbles,
Dreams, Lightning and Clouds,
View composed phenomena, are like that!

Through this merit, having attained
The all-seeing state, having subdued the enemy-faults,
From the ocean of existence with its disturbing waves
Of aging, sickness, and death, may I free all beings!

Excerpts from the Vinaya Sutra Translatedirom the Tibetan by David Molk
December 22, 1993, 2537 years since Buddha's Mahaparanirvana.

Distributed to Ganden Dheling on the occasion of HH Jetsun Dampa Hothogthu's visit to our Temple, February 1996.