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From the nature of bliss-void or any other place,
My Great Protector, Powerful Setrabchen,
Your manifestations and re-manifestations, and retinues of
Hundreds of thousands,
I appeal and invoke from the bottom of my heart, please be near.

At the center of your mandala, created before me in open space, Your lotus-sun cushion flattens all obstacles and evils, Great manifested Dharma King, together with your retinue, While there is meditation, you are requested to firmly remain.

To you, the leader of great bliss, Setrabchen, I offer with enthusiastic inspiration, in the cup of bliss-protection, The great offerings whose nature is bliss-void and wisdom, Please accept them, with the ultimate bliss-void attitude.

Dharma King, who appears from the wisdom which is inseparable from bliss, I purify in the nature of void all actions that oppose your thoughts I offer to you not only offerings in general, but all the materials which Are required for morale boosting, Together with whole trust.

I offer to you the great red torma, Which has been purified, transformed and multiplied, And the infinite Amrita, the nectar offering, filling up all universes, By your power, please accept and enjoy.

One who holds the sign of the animal skin, and embodies the love and
Compassion of all the Victors,
One who appears youthfully, and who embodies the Conqueror's wisdom,
One who holds the inconceivable Tantra, and who embodies the
Buddha's capabilities,
I praise you, who appear terrifically, though inseparable from these three.

You are the great helper of Yogis and Yoginis, Because you command glorious extraordinary mystical power and capability, And can influence the long life of the Gurus who Spread the Infinite activity of the irnpeccable virtuous system.

May the holy assemblies that follow this system, and especially the Glorious, Sacred Jewel Heart and Ganden Dheling Dharma assemblies, Its teachers, leaders, inspired participants and benefactors, Prosper spiritually and materially while remaining in good health, May all those who even briefly interact become worthwhile.

You, the Protector, who has been connected with me for a number of lives, From the bottom of my heart I single-pointedly address you, From today until Enlightenment, Please remain inseparably with me and my circle as our Defender, Protector, Supporter and Friend without interruption.

HO: O, Setrabchen, Protector, Defender, With your six prime manifestations including: New Lutsen, Je Gyel Po, re-manifestations and powerful retinue, I make offerings to you.

I praise you, please take this responsibility. I contemplate, I call on you, please pay attention. I appeal to you, I beseech you, Please grant especially these requests, And make it happen spontaneously, Effortlessly, right now.

This prayer was composed at the request of many Dharma friends, especially my long time associate, Geshe Tsewang Thondrup, who gave a scarf and other gifts. As far as I am concerned, there are clear signs which indicate this great protector has been safeguarding me for many lives. At this time especially, there is a strong need for a prayer to the great Setrabchen, and remembering his kindness, I, Ngawang Gelek, composed it spontaneously before dawn on the second of October 1981, at my own place, Garden of Great Bliss. Translation into English was completed during July of 1989 while on a teaching tour of Malaysia. At this time, the section referring to Jewel Heart was composed and inserted in both the English and Tibetan prayers.