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A Long Life Prayer for Ngawang Gelek Rinpoche!


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May Lord Amitabha, god of the pure land Blissful, The Goddesses Ushnishavijaya and Chintachakra Tara, And the host of deities of the immortal state, Please shower here now great rains of long life powers!

By the truth of your wealth of freewheeling speech (Ngawang), You clearly teach the path of virtue and good luck (Gelek), Your deeds of speech spread in all directions (Tinlay), We pray to you, O cheerful Champion! (Namgyal).

By force of long accumulation of merit and wisdom You were born in the clan of the Demo Tulku, Peerless nephew of the Savior Great Thirteenth, We pray to you, (O happy Lama)!

By insight honed in subtle analysis of teachings, You reached the peak of scientific, philosophic skill, Tashi Namgyal, Abbot of the Gynto Tantric College, We pray to you, O beings' Savior!

At Glorious Drepung monastery, great seat of learning, You relied on the feet of many learned sages, You long studied and contemplated, deeply and precisely, The meanings of the Five Great Treatises!

When you prayed to the main images of Drepung's Tantric Temple, Your rosary flew from between your folded hands And landed as a necklace of Penden Lhamo's image, This miracle was clearly seen by all assembled!

When Tibet was tortured by anti-religious strangers, You left your home and resigned your ordination, Yet upheld the banner of the doctrinal and practical Teaching, And never relaxed the three esoteric activities!

Your body so powerful from extensive learning, Your turquoise mane vital with energy of deep reflection, Your fangs and claws blazing with meditative realizations, O lion lord incarnated abbot, please long stay with us!

May the million rays of your teachings, debating and composing, Cause the Teaching's lotus garden splendidly to bloom, Refreshing the swarms of bees of lucky disciples, May your great sun of speech forever shine!

And may the crowd of your faithful friends and disciples, Never meet with enemies, bad conditions and sufferings, But blessed by the perfect pleasure of Dharma-wealth, May they spread and prosper till the end of time!

By the blessings of Lama and Yidam Deity, By the force power of the Protector Setrabchen, May the aims of all these hopes we pray for, Be speedily fulfilled without exception!

By: Denma Lochoe Rinpoche.


These verses of praise and request to the doctrine holder Nyare Khentul Rinpoche, entitled "The Sun Blossoming Faith's Lotus Garden" has been requested by Gelong Thupten Chophel from the distant place of Singapore. It has been composed by myself, Denmo Lochoe Tulku (present abbot of Namgyal Monastery in Dharamsala monastery of H.H. the Dalai Lama). There are no poetic meters and exaggerated phrases as it has been written in conventional prose easy to understand. This version has been translated by Prof. Thurman from Amberst University.